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Advice if You Are Overthinking or Overwhelmed

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Quote taken from ‘The Horse, the Boy, the Fox, the Mole’

A boy and a horse are in the woods and the boy says to the horse “I can’t see a way through and the horse says “can you see to take your next step” and the boy says “yeah” and the horse then says “just take that”.

All of the time we look at the goal, we look at the future, we look at the end game, we look at how long of a journey it is and we feel overwhelmed.

Instead of all that just go ‘right I’m not going to worry about that because that will come’ ... with each step you will get closer to that. 'So I don’t need to worry about how far away it is, all I need to focus on right now is my next step’.

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