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Are We Living in a Climate of Fear?

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

The pandemic continues to have a presence in our lives, and many of us have been tested in ways we could not have imagined. It may even have reached a point where fear may in fact be ruling our lives. Fear itself though can be a state of mind that controls all aspects of life, and it can show up in many guises.

It could be:

• Fear of loss

• Fear of a lack of security

• Fear for the future

• Fear of illness

• Fear for family safety, or

• Even fear of what others may think of us

In all these scenarios that fear on some level will influence the choices we make.

It’s worth remembering that although extremely powerful, fear is natural human emotion, and it serves a purpose, to keep us safe. This primitive response alerts us to the presence of danger and can trigger a life-saving fight-or-flight response. But, in some cases this response can be most unhelpful. It can keep us “stuck” and give us an overwhelming sense of being out of control, of things around us just happening to us.

Fear let’s us see only the darkness, it certainly wants us to avoid anything new or unknown. It prevents us from making the right decisions, or in some instances it prevents us from making any decisions at all, as we simply “freeze”.

Here are a few ways that can help you to live free of fear:

1 Identify your fears - what are you really afraid of?

2 Control only what CAN be controlled – and be confident in taking that control

3 Take action - whatever the situation, there is always something you can do - work out what it is - and take action!

4 Focus on the real present - and decide to live in the now

5 Believe that you can - and will - overcome your fears

6 Watch less news - news is normally pessimistic. But good news exists everywhere all around you. Write down all the good things you see

7 Trust yourself - you’ve made it through all that life has thrown at you so far. Have faith in the future - you WILL find a way to face it

8 Take time out - relax and gain some clarity of mind Just 15 minutes a day, focussing on yourself, can help you regain a sense of calmness and clarity, to be able to focus on the things you can do and be able to take back control

If you would like to find out how hypnotherapy can help you by showing you how to rationalise your fears, how to view them in a different way, whilst giving you the confidence and insight to enable you to live your life to the fullest … you can get hold of me for an informal chat on:


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