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How to Keep Yourself Healthy and Strong

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

(Based on the three principles of positivity)

1. Positive Action

2. Positive Interaction

3. Positive Thought

We have seen many more clients recently with varying levels of anxiety and depression.

In a world where virtually all social media is talking about this crisis, there seems, for some, no respite from the fear that this creates.

Trapped in this personal darkness there is a belief that there is no end in sight /solution to the problems they are facing.

It can be likened to a ship sailing in a busy shipping channel without a captain on the bridge ... no clear direction and a very real danger of the situation getting out of hand.

So how can you help yourself in this crisis?

· Acknowledge that how you feel is normal, valid and fine

· Get outdoors and notice the natural environment around you, nature, wildlife

· Exercise ... Stay active, move and stretch your body

· Practice gratitude, list three things you are grateful for each day

· Make a plan of things will do when this is all over

· Complete that project that you never seemed to get time to do

· Actively seek opportunities within the current situation, they do exist

· Prioritise getting quality restorative sleep ... sleep helps to alleviate stress

· Learn a new skill, do something creative or take up a new hobby

· Share positive stories on social media, your own and other people’s

Hopefully some of the above actions will to help you during this period.

If your symptoms persist then it may well be time to get help from a professional counsellor/therapist/hypnotherapist.

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